Downhill Mayhem

What To Know About This Sport

When it comes to cycling, downhill mountain bike racing is one of the most exhilarating and fun formats of the cycling disciplines. One of the best things about downhill mountain bike riding is that it is pretty easy to understand, but it is demanding. It is an extreme sport and riders have to be extremely skilled and fit.

Equipment You Should Utilise

stunning looking nukeproof bikeBelow are some equipment that a Downhill Mountain rider may require as well as types of Nukeproof bikes:

A Full-face helmet;

Downhill Mountain riders are required to wear a full-face helmet that is almost the same as a motocross helmet. It may seem a bit too much but when you’re going at such high speed, you need all the safety gear you can get.

Downhill Shorts;

There are a specific shorts that is used for Downhill Mountain bike racing. These shorts provide the rider with extra re-enforcement and easy movement. Some of these shorts are designed with stretch panels and harder fabric. This ensures that in the worst case scenario, one can easily ward off abrasions.


It is critical for riders to wear goggles with a single lens because the speed of downhill mountain racing is extremely high. As a result you may be hit by rocks, loose earth and mud. The best goggles are the ones that are adequately vented.


Gloves are very important in Downhill Mountain racing. This is because in the event you fall, you will need your hands to be protected to prevent any bruises. Gloves also give you that much needed grip on your bike.

Types of Bikes;

When it comes to Downhill Mountain racing, there are a variety of bikes in the market. Some of these include the Nuke proof Mega which is quite a fan favourite of 2016 and has received a bit of a face lift in 2017, the team model, the mega 290 pro and the mega comp.


It is recommended that every rider should wear protective gear for their own safety especially for those who are new to the sport. To avoid slipping you can wear socks over your pads. It is advised that you wear elbow and knee pads. If you are looking for a bike that will give you that extra edge, you should consider getting the Nuke Proof Mega.