The Avalanche Express – Megavalanche

Get your adrenaline on with the snow

Gravity enduro races have been around for over a decade now, sheer drops down the side of a mountain combined with the beauty of some cross country thrown in to really knacker you out. Powered by gravity, speeds can reach up to 100 KMH as you ‘ride’ down the course on your cube bikes. Combining timed down hill sections with un-timed uphill sections, it is a serious rush for every one taking part, from the crowded starts on a glacial mountain to pummelling down through the freezing trails where light through the trees can temporarily blind your vision, ultimately ruining your day when you run in to said trees.

cube bikes running downhill

Using solid cube bikes to throw down the mountain

When picking your weapon of choice, there are multitudes to pick from, great cube bikes can perform as well as any Orange mountain bike… you just have to find your ride. Registration is normally open to every one, but you are gambling with the intactness of your legs, so competitors are usually thrown some words of caution before letting them sign away. Safety gear is required when taking part, helmet, gloves, protection, etc, but usually won’t help (see the ‘hurtling down the hill at 100 KMH’ above). The races can be technical, most of the riders will be able to complete most of the course with out ever having to get off the bike, but the novices will probably end up carrying their bikes due to the efforts required in taking on the course.

The goal

As you probably would have guessed by now, is to make it down the hills on any mountain cube bikes intact and in a time. The things you should take from this is that yes, danger is there. No, you aren’t ever really in control. Yes, you will meet like minded people struggling with their sanity 🙂 and yes, you will have a hell of a time!